Research Labs

To join ISSCI as a research group, the ISSCI fellow or full member heading the lab applies with a short description of the lab mission (approximately 50 words) and the names of the lab members, which can include other faculty, graduate students or postdoctoral students. Applications can be submitted to

The description of the lab and the names of the lab members will be listed on this page. ISSCI Fellows and Full Members do not pay membership dues if they belong to member labs. Their membership is covered in the lab dues.

Levels of Membership for Research Labs

For 2021 all lab membership fees have been waived. Dues for calendar year 2022 will be due by 28 February 2022 and can be paid beginning in September 2021.

There are three levels of membership.


One fellow or full member plus their graduate students or postdoctoral students
Annual dues: 100€


Up to 4 fellows or full members, and their graduate and post-doc students.
Annual dues: 300€


Up to 8 fellows or full members  plus their graduate and post-doc students working in lab
Under this membership the research group description can be longer. Deluxe lab members can also sponsor or co-organize one ISSCI-promoted event each year based on a topic of lab’s choice
Annual dues: 600€

Member Research Labs

Innovation and Leadership Assessment Lab

The research conducted in the Creativity, Innovation and Leadership Assessment (CILA) lab focuses on creativity and innovation at the individual and team level. Research projects focus on understanding the cognitive processes at the individual and team level, social processes, and personality and motivational factors that influence the creative problem-solving process. The goal of all of the research is to develop practices that can facilitate creativity and innovation in organizations.

Head of Lab: Roni Reiter-Palmon, University of Nebraska at Omaha, ISSCI Board Member

Lab Members: Sanaa Ahmed, Joshua Germer, David Gianos, Mackenzie Harms, Payge Japp, Kristi Kimbril, Salvatore Leone, Nadine Maliakkal, Meagan Millier, Vignesh Murugavel

Participatory Creativity Research Group

This group is dedicated to the study of creativity as distributed, complex systems from which novel ideas emerge, are evaluated and integrated into both personal points of view and group and societal practices. The lab uses a variety of methods with emphasis on case study research.

Head of Lab: Michael Hanchett Hanson, ISSCI Board Member

Lab Members: Ann Amato, Ana Inés Jorge Artigau, Jacqueline Cofield, Arnav Durani, Joseph I. Eisman, Jennifer Ruth Hoyden, Nicholas Johnson, Sharon Christie Koe, D. D. Meakin, Sam Piede, Stella Wasenitz, Alexander I. Wojcik, Yun Yang