Membership Policy

Two ways to become a member:

Invitation – recommendation by a board member
Self-nomination for membership with board approval based on CV

Membership Categories

Junior Member

PhD students, post-docs and young degree scientists
Required: PhD thesis on creativity and/or innovation and at least one publication on creativity or innovation

Associate Member

Valorization with at least five productions toward valorization of creativity or innovation research (journalistic papers, TV, business journals, newsletters, etc.)

Full Member

Well-recognized contribution in the field with at least five publications on creativity or innovation


Has made significant impact on the field, has priority access to ISSCI projects and events and can propose and lead ISSCI initiatives

Laboratory / Institute Group Membership

One or more faculty and association graduate students and post-docs

Membership Benefits

For All Members

Member of the ISSCI network, recognition on the ISSCI website

Participation in restricted access ISSCI conferences or publications (e.g., an editor book)

Discounts on conference registrations for events associated with ISSCI

Access to educational materials

Access to PhD and post-doc exchanges or fellowships within ISSCI network or funded/facilitated by ISSCI

Participation as a partner in research projects

Additional Benefits by Member Category

Can propose research projects, looking for partners in ISSCI (Full, Fellow, Laboratory)

Can organize an ISSCI conference event in coordination with the board (Fellow, Laboratory)

Can lead an ISSCI research or educational initiative (Fellow, Laboratory)