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Marconi Congress on Creativity; September 2023
ISSCI General Assembly, September 2023

ISSCI Study on Relation of Creativity and Stress during the Pandemic

Creativity as mitigating factor for the psychological distress related to the COVID-19 outbreak: an ISSCI study

The COVID-19 pandemic emergence is associated with an increase of mental health disorders, such as depression, distress, and anxiety symptomatology. In order to react to and prevent the effects of this emergence on the population’s mental health, it is extremely important that mitigating variables are identified, which can reduce the power of the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on psychological wellbeing. In this regard, it is worth highlighting that creativity has been proposed to have a significant impact in reducing anxiety, depression, and social anxiety. In line with this hypothesis, ISSCI organized and performed an international study in order to explore the potential mitigating effect of creativity in reducing the psychological discomfort associated with the Coronavirus emergence. Specifically, approximately 1000 participants from several countries in Europe and United States, who are experiencing this dramatic emergence, have been recruited during the month of April (when hundreds of millions of individuals all around the world were living in a quarantine and semi-quarantine condition) to test the mitigating effect of creative performance on the increase of the distress symptomatology due to the exposure to COVID-19.

Previous Events

Creative Giftedness – part 2, July 2022. Barbara Kerr, Alexandra Vuyk, Connie Phelps
Creative Giftedness – part 1, June 2022, Michael Shaughnessy, Martina Brazzolotto, Connie Phelps

Using the Enrichment TRiad Model to Develop Creative Productivity in Young People, January 2022, Joseph Renzulli, (Discussant Ron Beghetto)

Multiculturalism and creativity. December 2021. Three presentations and discussion.

Creative Learning. November 2021. Two presentations and discussion.

Using divergent thinking to measure creativity: Open discussion session, October 2021.

Creativity: Brazilian perspectives, September 2021, Three presentations and discussion.

MIC Conference 2021, Creativity: Observation, Assessment, Estimation, Event co-sponsored by ISSCI, 8-10 September 2021. Villa Griffone, Sasso Marconi (BO), Italy

Webster Creativity Week. June 2021. In lieu of the 2020 event, the scheduled keynote speaker, Ronald Beghetto, conducted an online talk and discussion in June: Ronald A. Beghetto: Uncertainty and Creativity in Times of Crisis

Daily and Everyday Creativity, May 2021, Three presentations and discussion.

Creativity in Practice: Art and Enablement, April 2021.  Three presentations and discussion.

Teaching Creativity, March 2021, Three presentations and discussion.

Creativity, Play and the Mind, February 2021, Three research studies and discussion.

Creativity as a 21st century skill, January 20:21, Stephan Vincent-Lancrin, Senior Analyst and Deputy Head of Division at OECD/CERI

Creative Schools: 21st century schools for 21st century learners, December 2020.  Two research studies and discussion.

COVID-20, November 2020, ISSCI Online Symposium: The connection between COVID-19 and creativity.  Three examples of creativity research relating to COVID-19 were showcased.