Recommended Reading List

Overviews of Current Theories and Research

Beghetto, R. A., & Corazza, G. E. (Eds.). (2019). Dynamic perspectives on creativity: New Directions for theory, research and practice in education. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

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Videos & Podcasts

Definition and Importance of Creativity

Webster University Center for Creativity and Innovation
Ronald A. Beghetto: Uncertainty and Creativity in Times of Crisis

A GeCSO 2014
Nathalie Bonnardel: Conception, Cognition et Activités Créatives

MIC 2019
Vlad P. Glăveanu: The Possible: A Theory

The Impossible Network Podcast 2019
Michael Hanchett Hanson: What is Creativity?

MIC 2019
James C. Kaufman: Exploring Creativity’s Positive Outcomes

University of Nebraska 2017
Profile of Roni Reiter-Palmon and Overview of Importance of Organizational Creativity

Development and Education

Solomon Guggenheim Museum
Thinking Like and Artist Conference 2011
Michael Hanchett Hanson Keynote

ALAS Conference 2015
Michael Hanchett Hanson: Creativity: Rhetoric and Reality

Webster University Center of Creativity Podcast 2019
Michael Hanchett Hanson: Role of Curiosity in Creative Development

World Conference for Gifted and Talented Children 2013
Todd Lubart: A Blueprint for Creative Educational Systems

Fédération Étude Plus
Todd Lubart: Comment Faire en Sorte que Notre Système Éducatif Favorise l’Esprit d’Ini

Dynamic and Sociocultural Approaches

MIC 2019
Giovanni Corazza: The Impossible: Leonardo da Vinci

Centro Botín
Vlad P. Glăveanu: El papel de la creatividad en el desarrollo cultural, social y económico

Emotions & Creativity

International Conference on Creativity, Emotions, and the Arts, Santander, Spain
Zorana Ivcevic Pringle
Brief interview about the role of emotions in creativity

Lecture on the role of emotions in creativity

Ideation & Process

TEDx Roma
Giovanni Corazza: Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas

TEDx Modena
Giovanni Corazza: Fast Changes require Slow Thinking!

The Brainwaves Video Anthology
Zorana Ivcevic: Managing the Creative Process

CogSci Conference 2019
Takeshi Okada: Keynote: Inspiration and Artistic Creation


MIC 2019
Mathias Benedek: Cognitive Neuroscience as a Window on Creativity

Center for Science and Society, 2016
James Kaufman: What Can Neuroscience Offer the Study of Creativity?

Organizational Creativity

MIC 2019
Roni Reiter-Palmon: Team Social Processes and Team Creativity and Innovation

Personality Research / Individual Differences

MIC 2019
Todd Lubart: An Individual Differences Approach to Creativity from the 7 C’s Perspective

Research Methods

Maciej Karwowski: Jak planować realizować i publikować wyniki badań w dobie rewolucji otwartej nauki

MIC 2019
Panel: The future of research on creativity (Chair: Giovanni E. Corazza)